Hazelnut pastes, roasted
Hazelnut paste consists of blanched, roasted and ground hazelnuts, which contain almost no water. This smooth hazelnut cream can be stored for a long time. A stabilizer prevents the oil from separating out too much.

cool at max. 18° C, dark, dry
relative air humidity: max. 60 %

Hazelnut paste, roasted
HMU Hazelnut paste,
roasted, sugar-free,
(99% hazelnuts,
1% stabilizer)
Used for the manufacture of butter icing and
cream fillings for cakes, for mixing fillings for
chocolates, nut bars, etc.,
and making hazelnut ice-cream.
HMUg Hazelnut paste,
roasted, sugar-free,
(99% hazelnuts,
1% stabilizer)
The same as HMU, but with some
chopped hazelnuts.