Products for Diabetics based on fructose
Suitable in case of Diabetes mellitus within a dieting course.
Fructose in sweets for diabetics has the big advantage that its sweetness is comparable with ordinary sugar. Therefore the taste of our products for diabetics comes very near to standard products. Yet when working with these fructose-based products some care should be taken because fructose is strongly hygroscopic (absorbing humidity). Therefore contact with steam, humidity or water must be strictly avoided.

cool at max. 18° C, dark, dry
relative air humidity: max. 60 %

DI 68 Chocolate couverture
60/40/38 with fructose
A palatable and easy workable dark diabetic
couverture with:
60 % cocoa solids,
40 % fructose und
38 % cocoa butter.
    100 g contain in average:
38 g digestible fat
6 g digestible protein
47 g digestible carbohydrates, of that
40 g fructose
100 g = 2345 KJ (554 kcal)
25 g = 1 BU

Chocolate couverture, dark and Superior whole milk chocolate couverture
DI 388 Superior whole milk
chocolate 38/38
with fructose
A full bodied superior whole milk couverture for
diabetics with 38 % cocoa solids and
38,5 % total fat.
    100,0 g contain in average:
38,5 g digestible fat
6,0 g digestible protein
51,5 g digestible carbohydrates, of that
43,0 g fructose
100,0 g = 2440 KJ (576 kcal)
23,0 g = 1 BU

MODF Marzipan O
with fructose
This almond paste for diabetics is made only from almonds
with 35% fructose added. The high content of almonds is
very palatable and beneficial for the diabetic.

100 g contain in average:
31 g digestible fat
10 g digestible protein
40 g digestible carbohydrates, of that
35 g fructose
100 g = 2028 KJ (480 kcal)
33 g = 1 BU

Marzipan with fructose and hazelnut praline dark
NDF Hazelnut praline
dark with fructose
It is firm for cutting, contains 50% fructose and has
a well balanced taste of chocolate and hazelnuts.
    100 g contain in average:
35 g digestible fat
7 g digestible protein
56 g digestible carbohydrates, of that
50 g fructose
100 g = 2401 KJ (568 kcal)
21 g = 1 BU
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