Almond and nut preparations
These represent part of the everyday needs of bakers, confectioners, and sweets manufacturers. They are used for sprinkling, decorating, and in fillings for sweets, pastries, etc.

cool at max. 18° C, dark, dry
relative air humidity: max. 60 %

MP Almond preparations

made from blanched sweet almonds in various forms:

Almond preparations
a) Almonds, fine large flakes
b) Almonds, chopped "medium"
c) Almonds, whole
d) Almonds halves for topping
e) Chipped (slivered) almonds, nice long chips
f) Almond grits

Almond preparations
HP Hazelnut preparations

made from blanched hazelnuts:

a) Hazelnuts, fine large flakes
b) Hazelnuts, chopped "medium"
c) Hazelnuts, whole
d) Hazelnut grits

Hazelnut preparations
ME Almond substitute made of blanched peanuts

Almond substitute made of blanched peanuts, fine flakes made from peanuts of a specially mild type.

Preparations of almonds and hazelnuts, other than flakes, are also available roasted to various degrees. Previous agreement on the precise degree of roasting and on minimum purchase quantities is required, however.